Anti Money Laundering Checks

Money Laundering Checks

Anti-money laundering policies - COP 28

HMRC regularly launch anti money laundering inspections on businesses to ensure that they have systems and procedures in place to for the detection of money laundering and that they are being used properly. These inspections are routine and it does not neccessary mean that you are suspected of any wrong doing.

These anti-money laundering inspections comply with procedures outlined in Code of Practice 28. If HMRC have written to you with notification of an inspection, it is essential that you do not let them visit your business premises without our tax specialist being present.

HMRC will look over your accounting procedures and make sure your have adequate policies in place. The primary reason for their inspection will be to advise you of the regulations for the prevention of money laundering.

However, if they detect any signs that money laundering is taking place they will notify the NCA, the National Crime Agency. The report to NCA will be done without your knowledge. Being investigated by the National Crime Agency represents a serious inconvenience at the very least and could have serious consequences, such as a spell in prison.

When HMRC want to make an appointment with you in reference to anti money laundering procedures, the first and most important thing to is, is to contact us. You will need professional assistance with your business procedures, policies and records

The first thing to do when you receive information about an upcoming appointment is to contact us  IMMEDIATELY. Specialist help should be there for you to make sure all of your policies and records are in place and kept up-to-date.

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