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We understand your what you going through. You may have been wrongly accused of tax evasion, your accountant came up with that perfect ' tax avoidance' scheme, you bent the rules slightly in your favour, or, you may have blatantly lied, cheated, forged documents, and claimed back £1000's of unwarranted expenses. HMRC have greater powers than ever before to demand information about your financial affairs. They employ more barristers, solicitors and tax inspectors to pursue with a vengeance people responsible for tax evasion.

Tax evaders can be prosecuted under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Act 2007. If you are convicted of money laundering, all of your possessions can be confiscated - including your house, your cars, your boat etc

Call our tax evasion investigation advisor for some free, friendly, non-judgemental advice on your situation.

Tax Investigations are difficult and stressful times, damaging to your health, your business and your personal relationships. Our specialty is resolving these investigations in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. We will take control of any tax fraud and tax evasion investigation, taking the weight from your shoulders and enabling you to live a normal life.

How we can help

We are worth our weight in gold

We always give value for money and outstanding customer service. Our fees are very affordable, especially in the context of how much we can save our clients. Savings of up to 35%-45% on tax, penalties and interest are easily achievable

  • We manage HMRC technical challenges with ease
  • We can liaise with your solicitor and accountants
  • We will keep updated at every turn
  • We will take away the stress and worry, allowing you to sleep at night
  • We are completely non judgemental
  • We will negotiate and defend your exposure to liabilities
  • We take complete control of the investigation.
  • All contact with HMRC is through us
  • You will never need to talk to HMRC direct
  • We will ensure that HMRC do not overstep their legal boundaries

Our investigation specialties include

Proper management by our tax expert of HMRC tax fraud investigations has the potential of reducing the tax, interest and penalties by 40% or more. We will save you £1000s, which is a fraction of the cost od our very affordable fees.

Call us without delay for some free friendly advice and help.

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Don't bury your head in the sand and hope nothing will happen. Contact Ken Robinson today for professional representation. We can work with your solicitor or accountant and will limit the damage any HMRC TAX & VAT investigation can do, taking away all the worry and stress, and giving you total peace of mind. Typically, we achieve reductions in tax and penalty liabilities of 75% which more than compensates for our fees.

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