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That dreaded brown envelope has jut dropped through the door informing you that HMRC are launching an investigation into your tax, VAT, PAYE or offshore interests.


It may sound almost friendly in tone, inviting you along for a chat to explain a slight 'irregularity' but do not be fooled. The tax man suspects you of serious tax fraud, tax avoidance, tax evasion, VAT fraud, hidden offshore accounts, CIS tax irregularities, etc. The investigation could spin out of control leading to a criminal tax prosecution and a spell in prison.

Should I go to the Interview?

Do not attend interviews, phone or write to the tax man without the advice of our expert tax investigation advisor. The tax man has been trained to extract information from people and you may unknowingly incriminate yourself.

Is this a Random Investigation?

HMRC is now very unlikely to waste time and money on random tax investigations. New government guidelines mean that procedures are in place to ensure the cost effectiveness of all enquiries. Tax inspectors are now paid a bonus for hitting tax collection targets.

All Business are at Risk

The number of tax investigations is increasing dramitically year on year, with all business sectors being put under the microscope. These investigations and campaigns have been incredibly successful, raising billions for the Treasury and look set to continue for the foreseeable future.

How we can help

Typically, we reduce our clients, tax and penalty payments by around 75%. The amount of cash we save you more than justifies our very affordable fees.

Call us immediately. The earlier we get involved in the investigation, the more damage limitation we can do and the money you will save.

We can work with your lawyers and accountants who frequently do not have the specialist technical expertise and knowledge to handle incisive HMRC enquiries.

  • We review your tax situation and prepare disclosure reports
  • We manage HMRC technical challenges with ease
  • We can liaise with your solicitor and accountants
  • We will take away the stress and worry, allowing you to sleep at night
  • We will negotiate and defend your exposure to liabilities
  • We take complete control of the investigation.
  • You will never need to talk to HMRC direct
  • We will ensure that HMRC do not overstep their legal boundaries
  • We prevent criminal prosecution and imprisonment

Our tax advisor was a senior HMRC tax inspector. Now, as game keeper turned poacher, his help and advice is invaluable to clients who have overstepped the mark and need to navigate through the murky waters of a highly intrusive and stressful tax fraud investigation.

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Don't bury your head in the sand and hope nothing will happen. Contact Ken Robinson NOW for professional representation. We can work with your solicitor or accountant and will limit the damage any HMRC TAX & VAT investigation can do, taking away all the worry and stress, and giving you total peace of mind. Typically, we achieve reductions in tax and penalty liabilities of 75% which more than compensates for our fees.

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