HMRC Tax Evasion Penalties

HMRC Tax Evasion Penalties

What are my HMRC tax penalties likely to be?

Following a 'normal' tax investigation, the penalties can be up to 100% of the tax owed, depending on depending on the reason for underpayment. Penalties are greatest when the tax payer has lied, cheated, forged and generally actively concealed the amount of money on which tax is assessed. If the concealment involves offshore accounts and tax havens, the penalties can be as much as 200%.

In cases of serious fraud, the taxman can make an assessment of underpaid tax going back 20 years.

We will reduce these penalties by at least 25%

By getting our specialist tax investigation expert involved as early as possible in the investigation, substantial reductions can be made to the amount of tax due and the imposed penalties.

Our tax expert was once a senior HMRC tax inspector. Now, as game keeper turned poacher, he is to use his expertise to negotiate with the taxman and lower the amount due.

HMRC Video Guide to Penalities

Reducing your HMRC Tax Penalties - The Process

Contact us immediately on notification of any investigation. We will arrange a meeting and have a chat about the best way forward. We are completely non-judgemental so please be aware that it is in your best interests to tell us everything. Bring in any paperwork that you think will he pl us to assess the situation.

We will get you to sign an HMRC 64-8 Authority Form, which allows us to talk to HMRC on your behalf.

After that, you relax in the knowledge that you are in expert hands. You will will have no direct contact with HMRC inspectors as all contact is through us. We will fight your corner and win concessions on tax liabilities, penalties and consequently, the amount of interest due.

We have frequently persuaded HMRC to suspend all penalties when 'negligence' is the reason for underpayment. As long certain under takings are given, the penalty can be suspended for two years and as long as there are no further tax irregularities during this period, their will be nothing to pay.

All of our clients have benefited enormously from our tax investigations services. No one has ever paid the maximum possible penalties, and we estimate that through tough negotiation with HMRC we reduce the amounts owed by at least 25%.

We save our clients £1000's - our fees are a fraction of what we can save. Get in touch today for some free, friendly advice on your situation.

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Don't bury your head in the sand and hope nothing will happen. Contact Ken Robinson today for professional representation. We can work with your solicitor or accountant and will limit the damage any HMRC TAX & VAT investigation can do, taking away all the worry and stress, and giving you total peace of mind. Typically, we achieve reductions in tax and penalty liabilities of 75% which more than compensates for our fees.

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