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At the end of a tax investigation you will be assessed for unpaid tax, interest and penalties. The amount of the penalty is dependent on why the tax due was underpaid. In cases of fraud and deception, tax investigation penalties can be as much as 200%.

We have decades of expertise with HMRC tax investigations and will negotiate the best possible settlements, typically saving 25% on money owed.

HMRC penalties depend on the reason for not having paid the right amount of tax

The reasons fall into four categories.

  • Mistake or Misinterpretation
  • Failure to take reasonable care
  • Deliberate Understatement
  • Deliberate Understatement and Concealment

Mistake or Misinterpretation

Innocent mistakes which result in an underpayment - HMRC consider these to be genuine errors and any penalty imposed will reflect this.

Failure to take reasonable care

Negligent errors such as not reporting part of your income, getting your sums wrong, or forgetting to fill out supplementary pages in the tax return are seen by HMRC as a failure to take reasonable care. This is considered to be a moderate offence and the penalty could be anything up to 30% of the amount owed.

Deliberate Understatement

HMRC considers this as a serious offence. You have deliberately omitted information on your tax return to gain financial benefit. You may have also claimed expenses and allowances not due to you. This is clearly tax fraud and penalties can be as much tax 70% of the tax due

Deliberate Understatement and Concealment

Lying and cheating to avoid paying the tax you owe. This can take many forms such as false invoices and contracts, secret bank accounts, off shore financial entities etc. The penalties for this type of fraud can be as much as 200%, frequently combined with a criminal prosecution.

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Without exception, when the taxman comes knocking, he wants to recover tax and VAT. We save companies literally tens of thousands of pounds - a fraction of the fees that we charge. In many cases, we have saved individuals from criminal proceedings.

The moment you receive a letter from HMRC informing you of their intention to open a tax investigation, is the moment to pick up the phone and talk to us.

HMRC Penalties Explained

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