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Criminal VAT Tax Investigations

If you are undergoing an investigation or inspection for VAT irregularities, you need our specialist VAT investigation advisor on you side.

We know how difficult it can be running a business, and having to juggle the invoices, bills and payments around to to keep cash flow healthy and the bank manager happy. Many businesses have struggled to survive over the last few years and keeping up to date VAT and tax records is not always a priority when company is fighting for its life.

If you have been overly optimistic on your quarterly returns and the tax man is knocking on your door, call us immediately. The earlier we get involved in the process, the more money we can save you.

In a VAT investigation, HMRC can now go back 20 years to recover VAT lost due to criminal or civil VAT fraud and impose penalties of up to 100% of the VAT that you owe. You can also be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. HMRC have expanded powers as defined by the  Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) .

Under the Finance Act 2007 HMRC have harmonised powers to apply for search warrants and powers of arrest across all areas of taxes. VAT falls under the statutory record keeping requirements contained in the Finance Act 2008 sch.37 are supported by the information powers included under sch.36.

VAT fraud investigations require specialist advisors - Call is TODAY

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A VAT inspection can spin out of control leading to a  criminal ax prosecution, a prison record, and possible seizure of your home, savings, and other assets. it is important to get the best possible advice available.

Our VAT investigation expert is an ex-Inland Revenue senior tax inspector and as game keeper turned poacher, will ensure that no criminal prosecution happens, and VAT and penalty liabilities are reduces to a minimum.

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