PAYE Investigations

PAYE Investigations

Grounds for a PAYE & NIC Investigations

Although these investigations can be completely random, they are often triggered by late or inaccurate filing of P11Ds and P35 forms. If HMRC suspect serious under payments of tax they will also look at PAYE and NIC.

In the first instance, an HMRC employer compliance officer will give you a 'friendly' phone call requesting a meeting at your offices.

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Our tax advisor will know exactly how to respond to probing and difficult questions by HMRC and will not say anything that will arouse suspicion and lead to the investigation spinning out of control.

The following can be checked during the visit

  • PAYE calculations for completeness and accuracy
  • Correct use of employee codes
  • Reconciliation of the records with the P35
  • Correct treatment of new employees and leavers (P46 procedures)
  • Cash payments where PAYE has not been operated
  • Compliance with sub-contractors’ rules
  • Compliance with NIC regulations
  • Expense payments, employee benefits, correct disclosure on P11D or P9D
  • Compliance with terms of any dispensation
  • IR35 policy and practice

When HMRC are requesting to see contracts, they probably have information that fraud has been committed and they are launching a full IR35 review. You will need our tax investigation expert to prepare a full and robust defence on your behalf.

The following will all fall under particular scrutiny

  • Private petrol and car allowances and mileage
  • Home telephone and internet
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Expenses for use of home as an office
  • Work undertaken at an employee’s home
  • Casual labour & payments to ‘self employed’ persons
  • Lump sum expenses
  • Goods and services provided free or below market value
  • Meal expenses and lunches
  • Clothing & accommodation

What happens after the inspection?

There will always be some level of discrepancy no matter how careful you have been. if you haven't been that careful you could find your self owing a considerable sum. The tax man will look at the discrepancies calculated for that year, and them assume the same discrepancies have happened for the previous 6 years. You will be assessed on the basis of 7 years in total.If they suspect wilful fraud and concealment they can extend the number of years of assessment.

You will be assessed for back tax, interest and penalties. These tax penalties depend level of fraud and concealment, and, the cooperation you gave during the investigation. In serious cases penalties can be as much as 100% of the tax owed, rising to 200% if offshore facilities are involved.

Our clients say we are worth our weight in gold

We can conduct a dummy PAYE audit to identify and fix potential problems before the tax man comes to visit. Our tax investigation specialist will establish the direction a PAYE tax investigation and handle any difficulties presented by HMRC.

  • All contact with HMRC is through us
  • We negotiate HMRC technical challenges with ease
  • We can liaise with your solicitor and accountants
  • We will keep updated at every turn
  • We will fight your corner and make sure you pay only what is due
  • We will take away the stress and worry, allowing you to sleep at night

Without exception, when the taxman comes knocking, he wants to recover tax and VAT. In serious cases, he will pursue a criminal tax investigation with the aim of putting you in jail.

We save individuals and companies literally tens of thousands of pounds - a fraction of the fees that we charge. In many cases, we have saved individuals from criminal proceedings.

PAYE tax investigations have a habit of spiraling out of control, eventually spreading to  VAT, Corporation Tax and Income Tax. You need us on your side to prevent this from happening.

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Don't bury your head in the sand and hope nothing will happen. Contact Ken Robinson today for professional representation. We can work with your solicitor or accountant and will limit the damage any HMRC TAX & VAT investigation can do, taking away all the worry and stress, and giving you total peace of mind. Typically, we achieve reductions in tax and penalty liabilities of 75% which more than compensates for our fees.

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“I was at my wits end when HMRC contacted me for a PAYE compliance check. I knew I was in for trouble because I I had just parted company with my accountant of 10 years who had retired, the recession had come along and decimated my business, cash flow was all over the place, and it was as much as I could do to stay in business, never mind keeping all the paper work straight. In order to stay afloat we took risks and cut some corners but at the end of the day we survived. I don't consider myself as dishonest or greedy. I did what I needed to keep the business afloat, otherwise myself and my staff would have been claiming benefits. I really thought that the investigation was the straw that was going to break the camel's back. I had a chat with Ken, the tax advisor, and he immediately took control of every thing. Within two months, he had reached an agreement with HMRC. No back tax, no penalties, no interest, no vat to pay. He worked a miracle and the future of the business kooks very bright, My advice - don't get depressed or suicidal, get Ken on your side.
Paul - Haringey, London


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